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Welcome to Day Laughs, Night Cries, the home where happiness strives to topple the walls of sadness and laughter battles to govern cries. We aim to connect as global citizens to foster love, peace, and happiness to enrich lives and promote safe communities.

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  • Angela's Heart-rending Story
    “My name is Angela McNabb.” That’s how Angela starts her heart-rending story. Tears—unwelcome—stream down my face. Angela can’t see my tears because she can’t see. I don’t cry when I listen to stories, or I try not to. But, this time, this story, with tragedy after tragedy, penetrates my being and this is the reason […]
  • The Eye Exam
    Other than wearing glasses and having dry and itchy eyes sometimes, I don’t have other problems with my eyes. Yet, out of curiosity, I ask the optometrist to check my eyes after she examines my son’s eyes.The optometrist does a general test. She asks me to return in the morning with my son to check […]
  • A New Life
    I was scared to ask my mother to provide items I needed to create an ecosystem for my high school science project. We did not have a good mother-daughter relationship. I learned that asking could result in a verbal assault that bullied me into a shell. I learned to ask for “necessary” things. A school […]
  • Strong Enough to Live His Truth
    It didn’t cross my mind. There was no pattern—if there should have been one. No, I had no idea. I thought puberty created the feelings of frustration, anxiety, and moodiness I had never seen. As the body developed—bigger breasts—the shirts got bigger, and wider hips bought on discomfort that triggered the need to wear baggy […]
  • Awaken My Soul
    Awaken my soulTo bloom like a beautiful flowerThat comforts others
  • "Captain of My Soul"
    There are many things we do not know, things such as why some people endure more hardships than others do, even when they try in numerous ways to prevent the hardships. In an upcoming post, I will feature a story about a young woman who seemed to have endured personal difficulties higher than a mountain. […]
  • Spread Sunshine
    "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others  cannot keep it from themselves." James Barrie
  • Keep Moving Forward
     “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Not a Lab Error by Rosena Joseph
    While most babies learn to support their necks in a short time, six-month-old Jordy’s neck folded and his chin flapped on his chest for support. I had mentioned the problem to the doctor each time I took Jordy for a medical check-up. The last visit the doctor blurted, “That could be a symptom of Down […]
  • Everything Stopped
    “He moved in with her. She stayed home, cooked and washed for him while he went to work. Then she got pregnant. He asked her to have an abortion because his work assignment was almost over and he had to move back to where he lived before. Mama said she would keep me and my […]
  • Stories Worse than Mine
    Consolee and her siblings a few months before the genocide“There was a time when it was hard for me to talk about it,” Consolee Nishimwe says.On April 6, 1994, the plane carrying the then President of Rwanda was shot down over Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. He died. By April 7, Hutu extremists systematically killed Tutsis (another […]
  • The Sheriff Came
    So you want to take me back to a place I don’t go any more. So many things happened. All the money I had saved and put into the store was gone. We kept praying for things to change. We were always behind on our rents for the store and home. One day, the sheriff […]
  • A Mother's Side of Suicide
    "It hurts like hell. Every heart knows its bitterness. My two friends followed me when I got the call. When I entered the hospital, the doctor said, ‘Your son committed suicide.’ At first, I didn’t cry. I was shocked. I said I didn’t want to see anything or hear anything. I was angry. I was mad. […]
  • It's Free Today - Let Me Die
    Suicide is more prevalent than we would want to acknowledge. My next post on Monday will address the topic. You will hear from a mother on how she feels after losing a child to suicide.In one of the stories in Let Me Die, I wanted to die. Really. At a tender age when I didn't […]
  • Release the Hate in You
    Many years ago, a fifteen-year-old me, filled my mind with hate. That was a terrible time in my life. I hated the only person who loved me more than anyone else. My mother. She did nothing wrong but tried to protect me from destroying my life. I hated her. I rebelled against her. I rejected my […]
  • Release the Hurt: Turmoil in the Home
    I am now happy I was too young to understand the turmoil in the home, the reason my mother left my father. I was three. As information relayed to me by my older siblings about the not-so-nice-things my parents battled, I accepted why my parents had to separate. They were parents whose union had malfunctioned […]
  • Letting Go & Freeing Our Souls
     Spring, summer, autumn—now winter, we watch leaves as they cling to branches, some refusing to let go even after changing color. They hold on as long as they can, despite the whipping wind, despite the raging rain, despite the spitting snow.We watch leaves on trees dry and curl to a crisp in the cold.  Do we know why they will […]
  • I Cry Tonight
    Neglected, I am  So many timesNo one considers my feelingsI cannot trust anyone any moreDisregarded, I amLoneliness shoves me in a dark holeDepression, it isThe world where I am lostA world of burdensome feelingsRegretsShameSorrowsFeelings that never endI endure the cost of my lifeA life I never asked forI am not happyI cry        […]
  • "Live Like You Were Dying"
    Terry Fox, Thunder Bay, CanadaMyrtle Beach, South CarolinaCan you "live like you were dying," meaning having fun or doing "things" you wouldn't have done, yet you do them because you have a terminal illness? Some people say it depends on the situation. Some dying people become kinder and more loving. Some, like Terry Fox, do […]
  • New Year 2014
    "Time flies" - 2014, Day Laughs Night Cries  We need to work on this blog

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